Elly Knott Portfolio

J&R Agency

I was commissioned to produce the branding and website for J&R agency, an integrated marketing agency for SME's. J&R prides itself on its no jargon, honest approach to marketing and they strive to empower SME's by giving them the ability to grow and thrive their presence online.
J&R's identify reflects its founders friendly and active personalities, using patterns and a bold digital teal primary colour to create engagement and excitement with its audience. After the branding stage, the J&R website was designed and built which is one of their most important tools to getting their messaging and services known. The brand has now been applied to stationary, social media and other forms of brand collateral. 

Testimonial from the client:

"Elly is an invaluable asset to any company lucky enough to work with her. Her thorough approach, original ideas and hard work ensured our project went off without a hitch. She was the driving force behind our brand and website and I couldn't be happier with it. If you have the opportunity to hire her, do. She will work tirelessly to ensure you're happy, the project is successful and the end result is brilliant. I couldn't be prouder to have Elly's work represent our agency going forward."

Ruth Hartnoll, Director J&R Agency

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